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Rules for Using the Mechatronics Design Lab

The purpose of the Mechatronics Design Laboratory is to assist students in building their own microprocessor-controlled electromechanical systems. It serves as the laboratory for a number of courses and is available to students participating in the design competition (DC). It is also available for other undergraduate design projects and teaching purposes; please contact Prof. Kevin Lynch in mechanical engineering.

The Mechatronics Design Lab is located in Room B100 of the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center. Access to the lab is by Marlok key; contact Prof. Lynch to sign out a key. The lab contains six "standard" workbenches for electrical and software prototyping, as well as three "neuromechatronics" workbenches. These benches are described below. The lab also stocks a variety of electrical supplies, sensors, and actuators. The usefulness of the shop for design projects is greatly enhanced by its location directly adjacent to the shop.

In addition to the computers located at the workbenches, the lab has a number of portable PC/104 "stack" computers. These are issued for courses and design projects. These small stacks are ideal for embedded real-time control applications. Each stack has 4 encoder inputs, 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, and 8 digital I/O, and can be programmed using Matlab's Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, and xPC Target to run control algorithms at several kHz.

The lab manager is Rick Marzec. Any misuse of the lab should be reported to him.

The Mechatronics Design Lab was made possible by grants from the Murphy Society and support from the Whitaker Foundation.

Standard Workbenches

Each of the six standard workbenches is a custom-made double-tiered maple top workbench. Each workbench consists of

Neuromechatronics Workstations

Each of the three neuromechatronics rigs has a tower of equipment adjacent to antivibration table with a 10/20 stainless breadboard. For further information, see the Resources section of the Neuromechatronics Wiki.

Common Facilities

Other common facilities not mentioned above include

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